Disposable mattress protector.
Practical. Affordable. Hygienic.

Disposable mattress and pillow protectors. Products that can change the concept of room-setting by cutting costs and guaranteeing practical, affordable and functional advantages.

New items.
100% waterproof mattress protectors.

The disposable mattress protector which is completely waterproof is now available in your Country.
It substitutes the wax coated covers And protects all mattresses thanks to its practical use and its affordable price. (2,40 euro for a single).

There is no comparison.
This is why it's important to substitute the old mattress protectors.

The classic cotton mattress protectors take up more space, are bulky, more expensive and are not waterproof. 6 reasons to choose and prefer the disposable mattress protectors.

Disposable mattress protector

The product range

The disposable bed linen products are divided into 3 innovative ranges according to their needs, function and price. From the 25 or 45 gram range to the new waterproof mattress protector. Hotels, bed & breakfasts and summer apartments, camping sites and resorts have a range to choose from.

45 gram range

The disposable mattress protector sheet is appealing and substitutes the common cotton mattress protector and respects the high standards of hygiene. It is ideal for tourist accommodations.

25 gram range

It has the same features as the 45 gram one. The different texture means it offers less protection and is less waterproof but it is a product that offers a high level of hygiene at an affordable price. It is ideal for businesses that have a high level of turnover.

Waterproof range


Completely substitutes the use of cotton waterproof or wax coated covers and eliminates the fact that they have to be substituted, washed and dried. Once they are wet they can be thrown in the plastic recycling bin. The price is much lower than any mattress protector currently on the market.

More info

We have calculated that with only one package of mattress protectors, which is no thicker than 30cm, the beds of one floor can be changed. An hour and a half's work can be saved.

Hotels and resorts

The disposable mattress protectors can be used in 1 star to 5 star hotels . Use of waterproof mattress protector or the 45 gram mattress protector is recommended and the combined use of both guarantees the utmost comfort.

Bed and breakfast e agriturismi

The disposable sheets require very little space in storerooms. They are also practical to use and easy to put on and remove.
These are ideal for quality b&bs and farmstay accommodation.

Summer apartments and residence

For summer apartments, residences and holiday homes the semi waterproof range of mattress protectors weighing 25 grams are the most suitable, inexpensive, hygienic, practical and take up very little space.

Camping sites and tourist village

In camping sites and tourist villages with a high turnover of changes the 25 gram sheet mattress protector is ideal and cheaper. The 45 gram mattress protector can also be ideal for those who would like added protection and waterproofness.

Hospitals and nursing homes

All waterproof mattress protectors are hypoallergenic and transpiring.
The disposability factor makes them extremely hygienic and suitable for hospitals and nursing homes.