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Why should I use disposable products? Save time, space and resources

How much do laundry costs cut into the budget of a hotel or hospitality business? Let us tell you: more than they need to. A monetary cost, in order to wash, dry and iron linen; a time cost, for staff to change the linen and reset the rooms; a space cost, occupied by the mattress protectors, sheets and additional linen that is kept in storage.

Would you like to rid yourself of these costs? Choose Blu Service products: our disposable mattress protectors, our sheets and our entire range of hotel products will save you and your establishment money, time and space.

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Disposable mattress protectors

More than 1,500 establishments have chosen our products

All of our products are 100% Made in Italy, from their design through the selection of materials and all the way to production. We deliver throughout Italy in a timely manner, even for orders with a large volume or oversized dimensions.

Maximum convenience, without laundry costs Mattress protectors from €0.95

This low cost brings big benefits in turn: the secret lies in the diligent research carried out on the materials, the careful selection of raw materials and the production process.

We ensure the high-quality of our mattress protectors and our other product lines without sacrificing safety: our mattress protector is certified and endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior as Class 1M.

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