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B&Bs and agritourism properties

Quality and savings, with no sacrifices

Quality and savings, with no sacrifices

Perfect for smaller establishments, such as bed and breakfasts and agritourism properties: the reduced costs of our products allow for frequent changes, save time, avoid long cycles of washing and ironing, and ensure your guests always find new, fresh sheets.

The disposable sheets, pillowcases and mattress protectors do not require space in storage rooms, are quick to put on and take off and, more importantly, allow you to minimise costs while maximising service.

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Customisation and high-volume orders

We also offer a wide selection of oversized products for agritourism properties and bed and breakfasts, as well as the chance to produce mattress protectors, sheets and duvet covers with personalised measurements, in accordance with your needs.
Contact us if you also want to purchase large volumes of goods: we are on hand to offer you all of the relevant information regarding shipping methods, discounts and delivery times.

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Our pre-packaged kits are perfect for agritourism properties and bed and breakfasts: simply open the box to find everything you need to reset your rooms. Mattress protectors, sheets, pillowcases, towels: we offer a range of kit offerings to meet the needs of any establishment. Simply make your request to immediately receive the sample kit you want.
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