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The benefits of disposable
mattress protectors

The room-setting revolution

High-quality products that save time, money and space in your establishment? It’s not an illusion; it’s the reality right in front of you. Once you’ve experienced the quality, practicality and convenience of Blu Service’s disposable mattress protectors, sheets and other linens, you won’t be able to go back.

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Why replace old cotton mattress protectors?


The Blu Service mattress protector saves space when compared to traditional bed linens. A pack of ten disposable mattress protectors is four times smaller and more compact than a stack of ten cotton mattress protectors. The practical 200-piece boxes allow you to save much-needed space in your storage room.


The disposable mattress protector makes room-setting activities easier and faster. When the mattress protectors become dirty, simply replace them and throw the used ones away in the bin for plastics. Say goodbye to cumbersome carts and heavy bags of dirty linens.


The disposable mattress protector leads to overall savings for your establishment. A single package of mattress covers will provide for room-setting for an entire floor, saving time and money. It also reduces washing and ironing costs, since the product is disposable.

And waterproof mattress protectors? They cost €2.20, compared to the €18 needed to buy wax canvas sheets for a single bed.


The competitive cost of our disposable waterproof mattress protectors allows you to appropriately protect all of the mattresses in your establishment, keeping them safe from stains and wear and tear.

Our disposable mattress protectors extend the average life cycle of your mattress by at least three times.

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