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Coloured pillowcases and bed runners

An exclusive line of biodegradable pillowcases and bed runners, in relaxing hues, to add a splash more colour to your rooms.

A green spirit with relaxing colours, made exclusively from disposable cotton fibre.
These add a splash of colour to the bedroom.

Bio Colour pillowcases

A touch of style and a splash of colour for the rooms of your establishment: pillowcases with relaxing hues which match with our sheets.

Bio Colour bed runners

Disposable bed runners made from 100% biodegradable fibre cotton, to add a splash of colour that will better define the style of your establishment.

Disposable pillowcases and bed runners

Disposable pillowcases and bed runners in a range of colours to customise the rooms of your hotel, residence, bed and breakfast or any other type of hospitality establishment, making them unique. Made from 100% recyclable, Made in Italy cotton fibre, the disposable pillowcases and bed runners are available in a variety of relaxing hues.

With Blu Service’s products, quality, savings and practicality meet style: try the coloured pillowcases and bed runners in kits as well, along with our disposable sheets and mattress protectors.

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