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Disposable mattress protectors

The different lines of Blu Service disposable mattress covers are developed to meet the most diverse hotel needs: quality, savings and practicality.

The proposed products are disposable, 100% recyclable, breathable and with different degrees of impermeability. The high quality of the material used in the production offers unparalleled softness, comfort and protection from mites and allergens.

Italo 40 – Semi-impermeable line

High impermeability, maximum breathability, anti-mite and hypoallergenic: all in a high quality product entirely made in Italy.

Italo 25 – Semi-impermeable line

Lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic and above all affordable mattress cover. Ideal for frequent linen changes. Made in Italy.

Durable Impermeable Line

Impermeability, comfort and anti-tear texture made with high quality materials: the right choice to protect the mattress and guarantee the best rest for your guests. Long life.

Duramax Waterproof Line

A durable, no expiration date mattress cov er that protects your mattress without compromise, doesn’t let a drop of water seep through. Non disposable.

NaturalBio Line

Versatile products with a triple advantage softness comfort and respect for the environment. The most complete line of mattress covers, sheets and pillowcases, totally biodegradable.

Guscio impermeable line with zip

Impermeability and protection on both sides thanks to the zippered mattress cover. Ideal for all facilities. Long life.

Disposable mattress protectors

Disposable mattress covers of different weights and degrees of impermeability for all types of tourist and accommodation facilities. The disposable mattress covers, available in various sizes, single, double, French and oversized, are complete with elasticated corners to facilitate bed linen changes.
Proposed in semi-impermeable or impermeable versions, are perfect for saving your mattresses from stains, liquids and wear, extending their useful life.

Recyclable, breathable, anti-mite and hypoallergenic, they offer the best rest to the guests of your facility: the different lines of disposable mattress covers are ideal for hotels, campsites, residences, bed & breakfasts, retirement homes and hospitals.
Also try them in kits together with other disposable bedroom linen products, such as pillowcases, runners and disposable sheets.

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