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Disposable mattress protectors

7 collections of disposable products to meet every hospitality need. Savings, quality, comfort.

Blu Service’s collections of disposable mattress protectors have been developed to satisfy the various needs of the hospitality industry: quality, savings and practicality. The products offered are disposable, 100% recyclable, breathable and have various levels of waterproofing. The high quality of the materials used during production offer an unbeatable softness, comfort and protection against dustmites and allergens.

45 gram semi-waterproof collection

A high level of waterproofing, resistance to staining and a Class 1 resistance to fire: these all combine in a high-quality product that is entirely made in Italy.

35 gram semi-waterproof collection

The best compromise between savings and quality. Moderately opaque, it offers a strong level of waterproofing.

25 gram semi-waterproof collection

A lightweight, breathable, hypo-allergenic and, most importantly, convenient mattress protector. Perfect for frequent linen changes.

Waterproof collection

Crafted from wax canvas and waterproof cotton, this waterproof polypropylene mattress protector is disposable: once wet, replace and recycle.

Durable waterproof collection

Waterproofing, comfort and non-tear texture, crafted with high-quality materials: the perfect choice for protecting the mattress and ensuring the optimal rest for your guests.

50 gram Soft collection

Optimal comfort and softness against the skin: the special soft texture ensures an unbeatable night’s sleep.

50 gram semi-waterproof Colour collection

Semi-waterproof disposable cotton mattress protectors offered in relaxing colours that can customise your rooms.

Disposable mattress protectors

Disposable mattress protectors with varying weights and levels of waterproofing, for any kind of tourism or hospitality establishment. The disposable mattress protectors, which are available in a variety of sizes – single, double and French – come with elasticated corners, which facilitate the changing of bed linens. Available in waterproof or semi-waterproof versions, these are perfect for protecting your mattresses from stains, liquid and wear, extending their life cycle.

Recyclable, breathable, anti-dustmite and hypo-allergenic, they offer guests to your establishment the best rest possible: the seven disposable mattress protector collections are perfect for use in hotels, campsites, residences, bed and breakfasts, retirement homes and hospitals.
Try them as part of our kits, along with other disposable bed linen products, such as pillowcases, bed runners and disposable sheets.

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