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35 gram semi-waterproof collection

The intermediate model in our collection of disposable mattress protectors, this 35 gram semi-waterproof disposable mattress protector offers a strong compromise between the quality of the product and savings.

The fabric is more opaque than the mattress from the 35 line and also offers a strong degree of waterproofing.

Crafted from white polypropylene, this mattress protector is recyclable, soft and high quality – an incredible product that brings together comfort and protection for the mattress, making the 35 gram collection appropriate for a variety of uses.
The non-fabric that we use in the 35 gram collection is certified as Class 1 in relation to fire protection, in accordance with UNI 9177:2008 regulations and the tests defined in UNI 8456:2010 and UNI 9174:2010, and also complies with the VE Code 3808D10A100001 of the Minister of the Interior.

Products available in the 35 gram collection

  • Pillowcase
  • Single mattress protector
  • Double mattress protector

The strong covering ensures a pleasant aesthetic, while the elasticated corners and the ease of use facilitate the work of the room service staff.

The special odour-free composition of the polypropylene used to produce Blu Service’s disposable mattress protectors helps to improve the general feeling of hygiene and comfort, making sleep even more enticing.


  • High level of waterproofing
  • Opaque
  • Maximum breathability
  • Anti-dustmite and hypo-allergenic
  • Recyclable
  • Odour-free
  • White
  • More than 3 weeks of use

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The 35 gram collection’s disposable mattress protector is perfect for use in any hospitality establishment, such as bed and breakfasts, residences, apartments, holiday homes, resort villages and campsites.

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