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Durable Impermeable Line

The line of mattress protectors that combines the best performance of impermeability and breathability, combining them with durable and tear-resistant materials that lead to a mattress cover life of over 1 year.

The Durable mattress cover is impermeable and blocks all types of liquid, providing quality rest: it is anti-noise, tear-proof and breathable.
A revolutionary disposable product that finally frees you from the use of oilcloths and impermeable cotton.

Thanks to its elasticated corners, makes room setting operations more practical and faster, and its particular texture guarantees a significant useful life, avoiding tears and wear related to use. Like all Blu Service mattress covers, it relieves staff from change, washing and ironing cycles.

Available products from the Impermeable Durable line

  • Pillowcase
  • Single mattress cover
  • Double mattress cover
  • Mattress covers, various sizes

Durable is the best choice for your facility, a tailor-made high-performance product that guarantees maximum protection for your mattress.

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  • 100% impermeable
  • Highly covering
  • Maximum breathability
  • Anti-dustmite and hypo-allergenic
  • Recyclable
  • White colour
  • Long life

Standard size

Are you looking for other measures?

No problem, we make it tailor-made for you.

Perfect for

This Durable Impermeable Line mattress protector will protect the mattress from all liquids: its special characteristics make it appropriate for the widest variety of uses.

It is perfect for hotels and hospitality establishments in general, as well as hospitals and retirement homes.

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