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Italo 40 – Semi-impermeable line

The all-Italian line of disposable mattress covers and pillow cases. A high degree of impermeability and a dense texture capable of covering any stains on pillows and mattresses are just two of the qualities of the 40 gram line of disposable mattress covers and pillowcases.

The highest quality for the Italo mattress cover and pillowcase.
The guarantee of a product with an Italian supply chain.
Made to measure to fit the mattress perfectly. It is handy, light and takes up little space. Has a high impermeability degree and covering power.

The product is made in high quality white Non-Woven Fabric is and OEKO-TEX® certified: the mattress cover is soft and comfortable, easy to use thanks to the elasticated corners.

Available products from the Italo semi-impermeable 40 gram line

  • Pillowcase
  • Single mattress cover
  • Double mattress cover
  • Mattress cover in various and non-standard sizes

Maximum comfort for customers, maximum savings, maximum speed in room setting operations, also thanks to the long life of the product (3/4 weeks of use).

The Italo 40 gram line allows you to offer maximum comfort to your customers but at the same time save and speed up room-setting operations. The disposable Blu Service products are light, easy to handle and occupy very little space.

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  • 100% Italian
  • High degree of impermeability
  • Maximum breathability
  • Anti-mite and hypoallergenic
  • Non-woven fabric OEKO-TEX ® certified
  • Recyclable
  • White colour
  • Over 3-4 weeks of use

Standard size

Are you looking for other measures?

No problem, we make it tailor-made for you.

Perfect for

The 40 gram disposable mattress protectors and pillowcases are perfect for use in any hotel of hospitality establishment, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, residences, apartments, resorts, campsites and agritourism properties.

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Try mattress protectors from the 40 gram semi-waterproof collection and other disposable products by purchasing the appropriate kit.


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