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Waterproof collection

A disposable product that’s truly revolutionary: the Waterproof collection’s mattress protector at last liberates you from tarps and waterproof cotton. No noise, no hot feeling.

Once it gets wet, simply throw it away with plastics and recycle it, thus avoiding the continuing cycle of replacing, washing and drying.

The elasticated corners add to the quality of the product, allowing the mattress protector to stick perfectly and cover the mattress sufficiently.
Crafted from polypropylene with a microporous membrane, this waterproof mattress saver does not allow any liquid to get through.

The mattress saver is certified as waterproof by the Giordano Institute, test report no. 350275. Documentation available upon request.

Products available in the waterproof collection

  • Single mattress protector
  • Double mattress protector
  • Special, non-standard measurements


  • 100% waterproof
  • Very opaque
  • Maximum breathability
  • Anti-dustmite and hypo-allergenic
  • Recyclable
  • Odour-free
  • White
  • Usage guaranteed for up to 6 months

Perfect for

This 50 gram waterproof mattress protector will protect the mattress from all liquids: its special characteristics make it appropriate for the widest variety of uses.

It is perfect for hotels and hospitality establishments in general, as well as hospitals and retirement homes.

Try the kit

Try mattress protectors from the 50 gram waterproof collection and other disposable products by purchasing the appropriate kit.

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Save your mattress with the waterproof collection

The same benefits as waxed canvas, with added comfort, softness and maximum breathability. The 50 gram Waterproof collection’s mattress protectors block all liquids and extend the life cycle of your mattresses.

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