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Disposable quilts

Soft and enveloping polypropylene and polyester quilt.

Warm and soft, they encourage a rejuvenating rest. Made from polypropylene and padded with polyester fibre.
Washable at 30°.

Manta collection

Warm, soft and enveloping: the Manta quilt comes in two colours and is perfect for the middle of seasons.

Washable quilts

Padded quilts that are perfect for winter and the middle of seasons; they are washable, crafted from polypropylene and polyester. Washable and compact, the quilts are available in two colours, with relaxing and natural hues.

The materials, which are hypo-allergenic, anti-dustmite and breathable, ensure a safe and comfortable sleep. Try the washable quilts with the disposable duvet covers and other disposable linen products. Perfect for hotels, residences, bed and breakfasts, campsites, hospitals and retirement homes.

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