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Igea collection

Soft and smooth to the touch, disposable and made from material that stays resistant for up to two weeks, the disposable sheets from the Igea collection are designed and produced entirely in Italy.

The product comes packaged in practical kits that are ready for use and compact in size. We attach a card to each kit, illustrating the properties of the product and the benefits of using disposable sheets.
This is a conscious choice that allows you to eliminate all management costs and ensure optimal comfort for your customers.

Products available in the Igea collection

  • pillowcase
  • double sheet
  • single sheet
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  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Soft and fresh
  • Breathable and odour-free
  • White
  • Recyclable
  • More than 2 weeks of use

Perfect for

Hospitality establishments and hotels in general, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments and residences, resort villages, campsites and agritourism properties.

Try the kit

Try sheets from the Igea collection and other disposable products by purchasing the appropriate kit.

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Effortlessness with Igea sheets

The practical kits are easy to use and allow you to save both time and money. The long life cycle makes them even more comfortable: a single sheet can last for up to two weeks.

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