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Duvet covers

Lightweight, soft and breathable: optimal comfort, even during the winter months.

Igea disposable duvet covers let you offer your customers total comfort, even during the coldest months of the year. The practical side openings allow the quilt or duvet to be inserted easily.

Igea collection

Total comfort for your customers, even during the winter months: disposable duvet covers, which are breathable, anti-allergy and 100% Made in Italy, are perfect for duvets and quilts in the middle of seasons.

Disposable duvet covers

Practical and breathable disposable duvet covers for duvets and quilts in the middle of seasons. Available in versions for single and double beds, the disposable duvet cover is perfect for dressing comfortable rooms, even during the winter months and in the middle of seasons. Try the soft, breathable and anti-dustmite disposable duvet cover.

Perfect for rooms in your hotel, residence, bed and breakfast, campsite, retirement home or hospital. The disposable duvet covers also take up very little space. They are made from high-quality materials and are recyclable, adding real benefit to your establishment. Try them with washable quilts.

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