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Some frequently asked questions from our users and customers. Find out more about Blu Service products.

Are disposable products soft like cotton, or do they feel like “plastic”?

Blu Service’s disposable mattress protectors and other products are soft to the touch and appealing to look at, while offering incredible comfort with their softness and breathability.

Does the mattress protector comply with fireproofing standards? My establishment is certified as fireproof and I want to use safe products.

Of course. Our disposable mattress protector has been certified and approved as Class 1M by the Minister for the Interior.

Does the disposable mattress protector make noise when you sleep on it?

Absolutely not. Our mattress protector is soft and does not make any noise as a result of the natural movements of sleep. Furthermore, the elasticated corners allow for a perfect fit, avoiding irritating bunching.

What is the average lifespan of your mattress protectors?

Mattress covers from the 25 and 45 collection have an average lifespan of 3–4 weeks of use. The waterproof collection, however, has an average lifespan of up to 6 months.

Are the mattress protectors made from health-conscious materials?

All of the products from Blu Service’s collections are made from anti-dustmite, hypo-allergenic, odour-free materials, in order to encourage a safe and comfortable sleep. When it is time to change them, the mattress protector, sheets and any other linen products can be replaced with a new one, maintaining the same standard of hygiene.

My establishment has beds with non-standard measurements? Are there mattress protectors for my needs?

Of course. We are able to produce to any measurements.

For further information about our customised solutions contact us or send an email to

Are the mattress protectors, sheets, pillowcases and cushions breathable?

Yes. We choose our materials specially to make your guests’ sleep as comfortable as possible. Our products are fresh, breathable and do not produce an unpleasant feeling of warmth. The same is true of our waterproof mattress protector: this is an improvement on classic wax canvas, which can cause sweating.

Payments, delivery, methods

What payment methods are available?

You can pay either on delivery (with a discount of 3%) or in advance (in this case, the discount will be 8%).

If you choose to collect the order, or to use your own courier, the goods will only leave our warehouse after the invoice has been paid.

Can I order large volumes?

To order large volumes, you can send a request via our contact form or call +39 0421 81618. We will define the time and method of delivery and additional discounts will be applied.

Do you only deliver your products in Italy?

In addition to servicing the entire country, islands included, we distribute our products internationally, delivering to over 20 countries. For further information regarding international shipping, write to us or call +39 0421 81618.

Are discounts available?

Of course. We apply discounts based on payment methods and quantities ordered. Our discounts are cumulative: for further information, see the Payments page, or contact us.

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