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Holiday apartments
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A prepared and practical kit for your guests

A prepared and practical kit for your guests

The affordable, hygienic, practical and space-saving mattress protectors from the 25 gram semi-waterproof collection are particularly well suited to summer apartments, residences and holiday homes.

If you own this type of establishment, you can benefit from our kits: your guests can simply open the bedroom closet and find clean, ready linen and everything else they will need.

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Customisation and high-volume orders

We produce customised disposable mattress protectors, sheets and additional products based on the measurements you provide. We also offer a wide selection of products with non-standard measurements. If you own a summer residence or apartment and you want to prepare for the tourist season by getting everything you need to reset the rooms in your establishment, contact us for more information regarding the purchase of high volumes of our products.

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Ensure your guests have everything they need to change their bed linens and towels, in a quick, practical way: choose the Blu Service kits. Thanks to our pre-packaged offerings, it’s as simple as opening the box, throwing away the old mattress protector, sheets and towels, and replacing them with the new ones. Choose the most appropriate kit for your summer residence or apartment.
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