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A 5-star product for your guests

A 5-star product for your guests

The disposable mattress protectors can be used in any hospitality establishment, from one star to five. Using the waterproof or 45 gram mattress protector is advised; using the two products together ensures optimal comfort.
Blu Service products will dazzle you with their comfort and convenience: our mattress protectors are fresh, breathable and comfortable, as well as anti-dustmite and hypo-allergenic.
Our mattress protectors will also dazzle you: more space in your storage room, zero laundry costs and quicker room-setting activities.

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Customisation and high-volume orders

We provide hotels and resorts with a service to create customised products and a wide variety of oversized mattress protectors and sheets, in order to meet any need.
If you need to order a large quantity of goods, do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding our methods and the discounts for purchasing high volumes of products.

Sample our Kits

Through our kits, you can receive a sample of our disposable mattress protectors, sheets, pillowcases and towels and discover the quality of our products for yourself. Choose between the various kit offers to find what best reflects the needs of your establishment and request immediate delivery: you’ll soon see that resetting a room has never been quicker or more practical.
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