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Mattress protectors

Price list for disposable mattress protectors. See prices and technical data.
Many lines dedicated to satisfying the needs of hotels and other hospitality establishments.


Price list for disposable sheets. See prices and technical data.
Extra-resistant and soft disposable sheets with no corners, crafted with cotton fibre and an exclusive non-tear material.

Pillowcases and bed runners

Price list for disposable pillowcases and bed runners. See prices and technical data.
Soft and resistant cotton fibre bed linens in relaxing colours.

Duvet covers

Price list for disposable duvet covers. See prices and technical data.
Plush and comfortable, soft to the touch and breathable: our duvet covers allow quick and easy insertion of the duvet or quilt, thanks to the practical side openings.


Price list for washable quilts. See prices and technical data.
Perfect for the middle of seasons, our quilt is breathable and crafted in Italy using polypropylene and anti-allergy and anti-dustmite polyester fibre padding.


Price list for washable pillows. See prices and technical data.
A pillow crafted from 100% Made in Italy microfibre with hypo-allergenic polyester fibre padding.


Price list for washable towels. See prices and technical data.
Soft, enveloping, resistant and crafted from only natural, biodegradable fibres, our disposable towels are 100% Made in Italy, just like all of our Blu Service products.

Discounts applied

This table shows the applicable discounts for specific terms. Discounts are cumulative.
Order for €600.00 with advance payment (7% + 8%).

Terms Discount applied
Orders from €250 to €550 4%
Orders from €551 to €1,000 7%
Orders from €1,001 to €2,000 10%

The list prices do not include VAT.
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The list prices are net of our deposit.

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