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Prices of disposable pillowcases and bed runners

Check out all of the disposable pillowcase and bed runner collections and models. Available in various shades of relaxing colours. Save up to 18%. A special discount based on payment method and quality is also available on the price list.

Discounts applied

In questa tabella vengono riportati gli sconti applicabili per determinate condizioni. Gli sconti sono cumulativi.
Ordine per € 600,00 con pagamento anticipato (7% + 8%).

Terms Discount applied
Ordini da € 250 a € 550 4%
Ordini da € 551 a € 1.000 7%
Ordini da € 1.001 a € 2.000 10%
Advance payment 8%

The list prices do not include VAT.
For large volumes and relevant discounts, contact us by filling out the form or calling +39 0421 81618.
The list prices are net of our deposit.

Full list

Scarica il listino completo con tutte le linee, le varianti colore, le misure, quantità e i prezzi.


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