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Made in Italy
and production

Production of disposable mattress protectors.
From design to distribution.

Blu Service is committed to always making optimal use of the endless resources provided by Italian artisans and companies. The company is a firm believer in the values of the Made in Italy concept. Every phase, from research to design, production to shipping, in the life cycle of the proposed collections is carried out on Italian soil.

The disposable products are made in production facilities that make use of polypropylene and craft the various collections based on their weight and composition.

The research and development process for new products and materials is also essential and has led to the creation of innovative collections like the disposable waterproof mattress protectors.

Customisation and larger sizes

Does your establishment have beds with non-standard measurements? In our catalogue , you’ll find a selection of oversized single, French and double mattress protectors.

Do you need a mattress protector with specific dimensions that you can’t find in our catalogue? Our production lines allow us to satisfy any request. You can contact us or send an email to and explain what you need. We will find the perfect solution for you and your establishment.

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