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Blu Service

A true Italian idea; a revolution in the hospitality sector

Lower costs, optimise energy and respect the environment

Strengthened by their experience in the hospitality sector, the Bravin family envisioned a product that would allow hotels, campsites, bed and breakfasts and, more generally, all hospitality establishments to eliminate their dependency on laundries and lower the cost of managing those who washed, ironed and folded the cotton mattress protectors – which were often stained or worn – internally.

The first Blu Service disposable mattress protector was born from this idea, designed and developed to reduce clutter and allow staff to dispose of used linen in the plastic bins when leaving the room, thus avoiding the use of laundry bags and unnecessary transport to the storage room.

An idea that could be enjoyed by guests in search of comfort and hygiene. An idea that would respect the environment.

Experts in room setting with a brand new approach

Blu Service’s goal has evolved today into a company that saves establishment’s space in their storage rooms, management time and, most importantly, money, all while offering guests optimal comfort and hygiene.

Blu Service, based in Caorle, Venice, is now a leader in the disposable linen sector. The disposable product collections proposed by the company are revolutionising the concept of room setting and allow hospitality establishments to significantly improve the cost of managing their facilities and their level of in-room hygiene.

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