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Disposable hand towels and beach towels.

Soft, enveloping, resistant and composed of entirely natural fibres. All of the towels in the Bio collection are available in multiple sizes: small, medium and large, all the way up to pool and beach towels.

Bio collection

Soft, resistant and highly absorbent towels. Made entirely in Italy, the Bio collection towels also come in kits.

Disposable hand towels and beach towels

Disposable, recyclable and made from natural fibres, the hand towels and beach towels are designed to be used in rooms, on the beach, at the pool and in spas. These disposable towels, which are made from highly absorbent fabric, are available in a variety of sizes (small, medium, large and beach towel), so they can meet any needs.

Blu Service hand towels and beach towels are practical: when they need to be replaced, simply throw them away in a differentiated waste bin.
Choose Blu Service disposable hand towels and beach towels for your hotel, apartment, residence, bed and breakfast or campsite, especially if you have a pool, wellness centre or spa.

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